Lotus Leaf Extract Powder

Lotus Leaf Extract Powder


Product Name:Lotus Leaf Extract powder
Latin Name:Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn
Used Part Leaf
Spec.:10:1 50:1 100:1
Test Method:TLC
Appearance:Brown fine powder






1. Lotus Leaf Extract powder has the function of weight control.

2. Lotus leaf extract can adjust blood lipids,  and expectorant.

3. Lotus leaf extract is used as anticoagulant and antidote in medicine.

4. Lotus Leaf Extract powder has strong effect on lowering the blood pressure

5. Lotus leaf P.E. has become popular to lower blood cholesterol

6. Lotus leaf P.E. can treat fatty liver and promote blood circulation.


Product Name: Lotus Leaf Extract powder 

Latin Name: Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn

Used Part  Leaf

Spec.:10:1  50:1  100:1

Test Method:TLC

Appearance:Brown fine powder


1. Applied in food field, lotus leaf become a delicious and healthy green food;

2. Applied in health product field, lotus leaf slimming tea by the majority of ladys love;

3. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it can promote the growth of bone.

4. Applied in Dietary Supplement, it is greatest fat burner, reduce fat, depress blood pressure.

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