Welcome To Our New Factory Of Shaanxi Jintai Biological Engineering Co., Ltd..

Aug 02, 2019

Shaanxi Jintai Bio-engineering Co., Ltd. Shangluo Factory is located in Shangzhou District, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province. The company's R&D center has advanced high-performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, magnetic drive autoclave and other advanced testing, experimental and pilot equipment; The workshop has a plant extraction production line, as well as advanced production equipment such as dynamic countercurrent extraction, column separation technology, membrane separation technology, high-efficiency countercurrent extraction, microwave drying technology, spray drying technology, etc., with strong technical force, annual output of 500 tons, complete product specifications, The quality is stable.


The company has a sound enterprise quality assurance system and implements strict quality control standards. And passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification. The quality management department has configured several sets of advanced detection and experimental instruments such as gas phase, liquid phase and ultraviolet, and has carried out the subdivision of the three functions of process research, quality assurance and quality inspection, and carries out effective and comprehensive quality of the production process. Control ensures the quality of the product.

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