An Interesting Wednesday Morning

Jul 24, 2019

Every Wednesday, we have an morning meeting. At the morning meeting, everyone reported on his work.

Our colleagues in the warehouse also told us about the products that have been in large stock recently, such as jujube extract, lycium barbarum polysaccharide, maca extract, sea-buckthorn extract, Shilajit  extract, mulberry leaf extract and so on.These products are also hot sellers. After everyone reports all the work, all colleagues play games together.

We played a very popular game recently -- flick bottle caps.

All the people divided into two groups, in the form of relay games.

First prepare half a bottle of water and put it on the table. Put the cap upside down at the mouth of the bottle. Put it in half of the mouth of the bottle.

Then, two meters away, each person bends down to 90 degrees, covering one eye, and makes five quick turns. Then you begin to approach the table. Without touching the bottle, flick the cap off the bottle quickly with one finger. Please note you must cover one eye with your hand throughout the game. After a few minutes, both teams finished the game, and finally the second group had more mistakes, and the first group won the game.The second group received their punishment and sang a song together.


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