Tuna Peptides Belong To Health Products.

Feb 25, 2020

Polypeptides are compounds formed by α-amino acids linked together by peptide bonds, and they are also intermediate products of protein hydrolysis. A compound formed by the dehydration condensation of two amino acid molecules is called a dipeptide. Similarly, there are tripeptides, tetrapeptides, and pentapeptides. Generally, a compound formed by dehydration condensation of three or more amino acid molecules can be called a polypeptide.

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Tuna is rich in EPA, DHA, taurine and other ingredients, which can reduce blood fat, help liver cell regeneration, improve liver excretion function, and reduce liver incidence.

Many active substances in the human body exist in the form of peptides. Peptides are involved in human hormones, nerves, cell growth and reproduction, and their importance lies in regulating the physiological functions of various systems and cells in the body, activating relevant enzyme systems in the body, promoting the permeability of intermediate metabolic membranes, or by controlling DNA transcription or Affects specific protein synthesis and ultimately produces specific physiological effects. Peptides are important substances involved in various cellular functions in the human body. Peptides can synthesize cells and regulate their functional activities.

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