We Must Prepare For Two Battles During The Virus

Feb 11, 2020

The Spring Festival just passed will surely make us all cherish the precious meaning of when one country is prosperous and the people are at peace.                                                                                                      

Today, many businesses have resumed work, but the difficulties we face are still huge, the epidemic situation is still ongoing, and isolation is still going on, but thousands of consumers need our services more than ever. We must fight two battles at the same time. In the first battle, we continued to prevent and control the epidemic situation, so that the diagnosed patients were effectively treated, and all healthy people were kept away from the virus. The second battle has come to our eyes, that is, the economy will develop and the people still have to live, middle and small-sized enterprises have to survive.                                            

We are convinced that the epidemic will end soon. We have confidence in this!

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