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Shaanxi Jintai Held The Kick-off Meeting For The September Extract Sales Season

In September, the sales season of the extract industry will be ushered in. To this end, Shaanxi Jintai held a one-day kick-off meeting.The meeting was hosted by General Manager Xu,includes make planning, lunch, sharing sessions and summaries.

In the morning, various departments began the development of the personal plan for September.Each person makes a scientific plan based on personal data over the years, and then discusses the final plan through departmental discussions.

At noon, General Manager Xu brought a hearty and delicious lunch to everyone, and started a short lunch break after eating.

In the afternoon, the sharing meeting will be held on time, and the personnel of each department will share the individual plan.Everyone has set their own goals and shared personal rewards and punishments. Subsequent evaluations were made. Finally, Xu general manager summed up, every step of the joint must be done well, the quality of the extract, the quality of service, logistics and other aspects must be the best.

Shaanxi Jintai Biological Engineering Co.,Ltd September extract procurement season, we are waiting for your purchase.

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