Jintai Bio Daily, Small Games After The Morning Meeting

Sep 19, 2018

September 19, 2018. After the morning meeting, General Manager Xu organized a small game before the start of daily work, for everyone have a good mood to work.

Game rules:

1.props: casks; music amplifier (the referee to solve their own)

2.the game the way: start the game first casks round (according to the number of minus one calculation, namely 6 pendulum 5).then each team personnel outside the cask surrounded by a circle.the referee playing music participants along a circular clockwise or counterclockwise running (note not to jump the queue, the command of the referee).

3.when the music pauses, participants to quickly grab a cask to sit down,did not grab the cask of the contestants to be eliminated, and then come up with a chair, followed by analogy, selected the final winner.

Jintai Bio-Game.jpg

The three people who are eliminated will perform personal programs such as singing and dancing.

Jintai Bio-Game1.jpg

After the three people sang, the work of the new day began.

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