Where Our Extract From The Qinling Mountains,three Day Tour To Feel The Power Of Nature

Aug 29, 2018

Last weekend, Shaanxi Jintai held a three-day tour. In order to feel the power of nature, we walked into the Qinling Mountains, the source place of the extract. Qinling is honored as the dragon vein of the Chinese civilization. It is an east-west mountain range that runs through central China. It is rich in natural resources and is known as the "North-South plant collection, the North-South biological species library".

At the first stop, we went to the source of the Jialing River. The Jialing River source head scenic spot is located at the top of the Qinling Mountains in the southern suburbs of Baoji City. The Qifeng is abrupt, the water is clear, the forest is dense, the vegetation is rich, and the four seasons are charming. There are many plants, and most of our extracts can be found here, such as milk thistle, epimedium, celery seed, grape seed and various fruits and vegetables.


In the second stop, we went to Lingguan Gorge, the first gorge in the upper reaches of the Jialing River, and one of the dangerous sections of the Baocheng Railway crossing the Qinling. The valley inside the gorge is quiet and deep, the beach is clear and watery, the peaks of the Qifeng rock are thousands of thousands of miles, the mountains and the springs are throwing beads and jade, and the Danxia landforms are red cliffs.

At the last stop, we went to the wind power station in the foothills, felt the transformation of the power of nature, turned the wind into electricity,just like ustransformed the power of nature into the power of extracts.


In this trip, we are in nature, feel the power of nature, and we are even more determined that we must make the gift of nature into an extract, use high-quality raw materials, make high-quality extracts, and use our best service for our customers.


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