Shaanxi Jintai Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.(Shaanxi Ducheng Economic Forum) Held Successfully

Jan 19, 2018

Shaanxi Jintai Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.(Shaanxi Ducheng Economic Forum) held successfully

January 13, 2018, Shangluo, Shaanxi ushered in an opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry and the future economic take-off, sponsored by Shaanxi Takeda Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Takeda Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. guidance and support 2018 Shaanxi Tuk-cheong Economic Forum in Shangluo City International Conference Center was grandly held. Shangzhou District Governor Li Xuguang, Vice Mayor Fang Dejun and Shangzhou District Bureau Directors attended the forum. At the same time, this forum attracted nearly 100 related enterprises and more than 200 enterprise representatives from all over the country.


   Shangzhou District Governor Li Xuguang speech. 2018 Shaanxi Tuk-For Economic Forum With the theme of "Embracing a New Era and Creating a New Brilliance", the core is the new future of Shangluo's economy, modeled on the Takeda Medical Industrial Park in Shaanxi Province and the Industrial Demystified Demonstration Park in Shangzhou District. Shaanxi Tuk-Honest Pharmaceutical Industrial Park and Shangzhou District Industrial Poverty Alleviation Demonstration Park covers an area of 166.5 acres with a total investment of 1.68 billion yuan. Of these, 710 million yuan were invested in the region, and 970 million yuan was invested in cultivation of medicinal plants outside the region. The park mainly focuses on the development of core industries such as medicinal plant extraction, Chinese Herbal Medicine Pieces, health food and Chinese medicine storage and logistics as well as supporting inspection and testing centers, photovoltaic power generation and biomass fuels. It is a set of ecological, cultural, scientific and technological, and green industries Comprehensive eco-industrial park.


   Speeches were made by distinguished guests at the opening of this forum to celebrate the convening of the forum. Wuzhong District, Suzhou Pharmaceutical Industry Chamber of Commerce, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, the biomedical industry associations to delegate members Suzhou Diamond weighing system Development Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Li Qi congratulated the meeting.


   Subsequently, Mr. Wang Duzheng, president of Shaanxi Chamber of Commerce in Suzhou City, Shaanxi Province, and Mr. Du-Zheng Wang, Chairman of Jiangsu Tusheng Medical Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the park's investment plan and made a wonderful speech. At the same time, the delegation also expressed good wishes on behalf of Shaanxi Chamber of Commerce Union of the Yangtze River Delta and the Shaanxi Chamber of Commerce in Shaanxi to focus on the development of Shaanxi Province and jointly build exchanges and cooperation between the two places. Wang Duzheng said that it will further promote the joint development of the two places in the Soviet Union and Shaanxi and jointly create a brighter tomorrow.


   Then Mr. Xing Yongtao, general counsel of Industrial Park made a detailed report on the project planning and design of the industrial park and the concept of project implementation with the theme of "innovation-driven and rebuild ecology", and gave a good outlook for the future development of the industrial park. He said: The year 2017 marks the beginning of the development of the industrial park and an extremely crucial year. TUO Cheng company under the "development of its own threshold, with awareness ahead, force benchmarking companies, building quality projects, and strive to win in the future" under the keynote, in line with professionals to do professional work, hard work and hard work of the spirit of clear ideas jobs. At present, plant extraction plant project has entered the plant construction phase, the Chinese medicine reserve logistics projects, health food production projects, Chinese Herbal Pieces production projects have also been put in place. Foreign trade orders of 5 million U.S. dollars have also been confirmed. At the same time, the company received 320,000 U.S. dollars of foreign exchange deposits paid in Europe and the United States. The Chinese herbal medicine planting base has negotiated three cooperation projects. Although the industrial park has not yet completed, it has already been run first and a bright future is at hand.


   The development of the pharmaceutical industry can not do without the support of cutting-edge technology. In this economic forum, Mr. Xie Jianxin, the general manager of Jiangsu TU Technology and Technology Center made a detailed introduction to the core technology, R & D team, corporate patents and core products of the enterprise. He said: The cutting-edge technology and the elite team Industrial Park will take off the wings. The participating enterprises have affirmed!

   In the end, business entry and project signing pushed the economic forum to the climax. The signing ceremony of this forum includes the signing of contracts for the export of five million U.S. dollars of planting products, the signing of agreement on entrusted planting of medicinal herbs, the signing of agreements on purchasing and storing Chinese herbal medicines, the signing of purchasing agreements for raw material suppliers and the signing of agreements for the processing of musk roughing, The total agreement value of 1.8 billion yuan cooperation projects.


   Based on the purpose of innovation, development and cooperation, all participants at the conference made in-depth discussions on the opportunities for the development of various enterprises and the future development of the pharmaceutical industry under the new situation of "One Belt and One Road", and shared the innovative thinking of successful business management and promotion of enterprises Family exchange, explore business development experience, insight into the development trend of the industry, grasp the opportunity for the development of business wealth, collision front ideas, expand strategic cooperation resources, not forget the beginning, to advance forward to achieve sustainable development of enterprises.


   Benedict has also made it clear once again that it will rely on Shaanxi Tuk-Honest Medicine Industrial Park and Shangzhou District Industrial Poverty Alleviation Demonstration Park and adhere to the concepts of technological innovation, green recycling, energy conservation and environmental protection, use Shangluo's abundant medicinal plant resources and geographical advantages, and advanced management Philosophy and quality of foreign trade sales channels, the park built first-class economic, social benefits first-class, first-class ecological benefits of poverty alleviation model projects and quality projects. Promote the economic development of Shangluo and even Shaanxi and realize the complete elimination of poverty in the surrounding counties so as to benefit the people and benefit the people.

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