Can You Guess What My Body Is Trying To Tell You?

Nov 23, 2018

On the morning of November 23, 2018, we hold the morning meeting as usual and everybody detailed the work content of this week, and then went to play a relaxing game.

 After everyone detailed todays work, we started to play the game. There are two groups of people stood in a vertical row, then we started a game named looking at the actions and guess the idiom. The idiom provided by team B,  team A know nothing, except the first person in team A who acted need to known the idiom and then she or he act with no words. The first person act to the second one and second one act to the thrid one, in this way in turn, until the last one, he need to guess what the idiom that acted.  Finally, the team A failed to guess the correct idiom.

Body Language

When team A members understood which idiom was, they all laught and disscussed the funny actions from themselves.

After the funny game, everyone went back to their work. The best preparation for tomorrow is do your best in today!

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