What Is White Peony Root Used For?

Apr 08, 2022

White peony root is a kind of traditional Chinese herbal medicine. There are also many functions of the White Peony Root Extract, which are explained in detail in this article.

White Peony Root Extract raw material

1. Improve immunity

Peony root can not only improve the specificity of dehumidifying gas cells in the human body. It also promotes the regeneration of white blood cell counts. Its acid-base sugar content and neutralized sugar content can also stimulate the function of the epidermal system of the reticular structure in the human body. It can significantly enhance the body's own disease-resistant working ability. In addition, taking White Peony Root Extract can also promote the formation of reticulocytes, which is also a key factor in enhancing human immunity.

2. Anti-infective effect

Peony root is a pure natural medicinal value ingredient that can block the growth of inflammation in the human body. The paeoniflorin it contains also increases the permeability of the body's capillaries. And can inhibit edema and extravasation and other immune inflammation.

3. Protect the liver

Paeonia lactiflora also has significant maintenance effects on the human liver. It increases the capacity of the human liver. He can also detoxify the human liver, significantly enhancing the effect. Taking the root of peony root properly can also prevent the autoimmune function of the liver from declining. It often has excellent preventive effect on human hepatitis, cirrhosis and fatty liver disease.

4. Antipyretic and pain relief

Paeonol in White Peony Root Extract has a significant calming effect and a strong sleep-destructing effect. These substances also have pain-relieving properties very similar to morphine. In the event of joint pain or bruises, taking peony root immediately can also improve the pain symptoms. In addition, it can reduce fever. It is used for the treatment of human cold and fever or high fever that does not subside, and the therapeutic effect is excellent.

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