Is Cactus Extract Good For Sunburn?

Apr 15, 2022

Products based on Cactus Extract Powder are very effective in repairing after sunburn. When the skin of the body is sunburned or reddened by the sun, apply a thick layer of cactus gel to the area to effectively calm the irritation and pain after sunburn.

Cactus Extract For Sunburn

Of course, don't ignore sun protection just because you have after-sun repair products. If you get sunburned in very strong sunlight, you can use cactus products as first aid. It quickly repairs the skin and relieves redness and pain.

Ultraviolet rays are mainly divided into UVA and UVB. UVB reaches the epidermis of the skin and causes sunburn symptoms such as redness and stinging. And UVA can penetrate the dermis layer of the skin and cause tanning without making a sound. Even if you wear an umbrella and hat, and apply sunscreen, there will still be a small amount of ultraviolet rays that can reach your skin, causing redness and tanning. So sunscreen doesn't completely block UV rays. At this time, it is time to consider remedies! Repair after sun exposure is the double insurance to keep your skin bright and white!

Cactus is also rich in polyphenols and flavonoids. Through the compounding of several polyphenols and flavonoids, the difference in absorption in the ultraviolet region can be used to obtain a broad-spectrum sunscreen natural ultraviolet absorber. It acts to reduce the formation of melanin in the skin and prevent skin aging.

Cactus extract is also rich in SOD, which converts free radicals that oxidize skin cells into water and oxygen that are beneficial to the skin. Keep skin hydrated and resist skin aging. And cactus extract powder has higher active ingredients than aloe vera gel and is more refreshing. It soothes redness and dryness from sun exposure.

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