Fineleat Schizonepeta Essential Oil

Fineleat Schizonepeta Essential Oil


Product name: Fineleat Schizonepeta essential oil
Appearance: yellow liquid oil
Part used: Fineleat Schizonepeta
Grade: Cosmetics grade, Medical grade
Application: Aromatherapy, Massage, Skin Care, Healthcare, Cosmetics,Pharmaceuticals






Fineleat Schizonepeta essential oil is extracted from Fineleat Schizonepeta(Nepeta, catnip, catmint), a herb of the Labiatae Nepeta L. It was also called Nepeta oil or Nepeta Cataria oil. Nepeta is naturally distributed in vast areas of China. Fineleat Schizonepeta is rich in aromatic oil, with the highest content in leaves. Its taste contains the characteristic strong aroma of Nepeta ears. It contains menthone, limonene, and other volatile oil components, which have effects on pyrolytic, calming. Nepetalactone is also one of the effective ingredients of Nepeta oil. Nepetalactone is a lactone compound. It is the main component of catnip that causes excitement in cats. Therefore, Fineleat Schizonepeta oil is also called Catnip essential oil or catmint essential oil. Nepetalactone also has applications in deworming. For humans, nepetalactone has many milder effects.

Nepeta Cataria


Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic

Relieve anxiety, soothe the nerves and help sleep

Special excitement effect on cats

Repel cockroaches, mosquitoes, or poison some common flies

Air freshening


Pharmaceutical preparations: sleeping pills, anticonvulsants, antipyretics, and antibacterial drugs.

Cosmetics: Used in cosmetic fragrances.

Pet product: Fineleat Schizonepeta Essential Oil has a mint fragrance, which excites cats especially, and is often used to stuff cat toys.


Massage: mix with other essential oils and apply to the skin.

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★Quality Assurance System: ISO9001 international quality system certification.



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