What is the application of papaya powder?

Dec 10, 2020

Papain is a natural enzyme and an endopeptidase containing hydrogen sulfide group (SH). Papain is extracted from the milk of immature Papaya by biotechnology.

It has multiple application such as Pharmaceutical, Food, Beauty and Cosmetic industry

1.Pharmaceutical industry Papaya powder has the effect of treating stomach disease, beauty and beauty, promoting metabolism and anti-aging.

Papain can relieve spastic pain and is effective in gastrocnemic spasm.

Papaya powder is rich in papain, citrate, carotene, protein, vitamin C, B, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals, which can prevent hypertension, nephritis, constipation, and help digestion.

2. Food industry

Papaya powder is a natural health food made from papaya. Papaya in the wood fruit can promote human digestion and aging.

3.Beauty and Cosmetic industry

Papaya powder contains papaya fermentation liquid, which can not only decompose protein and carbohydrate, but also decompose fat, thus eliminating excess meat, reducing mast cells, promoting metabolism, and achieving the goal of weight loss.

It helps to lubricate the skin, help digestion, expel toxins from the body as soon as possible, and achieve the purpose of refreshing from the inside out.

Papaya powder is rich in papain, which is very helpful for breast development.

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