What does sea buckthorn do for you?

Aug 12, 2021

Sea buckthorn is one of the few medicinal plants with oily berries. It contains a large number of vitamins, oils, free amino acids and other biologically active substances, which can delay the aging process of the skin and is an ideal cosmetic and skin care product.

Sea buckthorn

VA is an indispensable substance for the normal growth and development of the human body, and it has a great influence on epithelial cells. VC is a hydrogen transporter in the cell redox process, and participates in the metabolism of amino acids and carbohydrates, affecting the formation of connective tissue and the synthesis of melanin. VE can reduce or prevent the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids and VA, maintain the normal and function of the cells, increase the permeability of the cells, participate in the reactions of various enzymes in the cells, and thus delay the senescence of the cells. Flavonoids can strengthen the blood circulation of the skin, relax the muscles, and promote the growth of hair. Plant alcohol can restore youthful vitality, moisturize and anti-wrinkle. Amino acids and fatty acids can enhance skin elasticity.

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