Why is sea buckthorn seed oil expensive?

Aug 12, 2021

With the advancement of science and technology, sea buckthorn seed oil is the main ingredient of more and more healthy foods, health products, and medicines. But at the same time, sea buckthorn seeds are relatively low-yield and difficult to pick. This determines the value of sea buckthorn seed oil.

sea buckthorn

The oil yield of sea buckthorn seeds is about 5%, which means that you can only produce about 1 ton of sea buckthorn seed oil with 20 tons of sea buckthorn seeds. Compare to sesame oil which oil yield is about 45%, the sea buckthorn seeds’ oil yield is pretty low. In addition, the raw material of sea buckthorn seed oil is very precious.

Moreover, sea buckthorn oil is mainly picked manually. Sea buckthorn trees are all thorns which is very troublesome. It is also picked in winter. The main reason is that the labor cost is too high, so the price of pure sea buckthorn seed oil is not too low.

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