What are the functions of sea buckthorn

Dec 18, 2020

Sea buckthorn is a plant native to high latitudes in China and Russia, and is now also grown in other places, including Canada. The fruit of sea buckthorn is generally eaten as a fruit. In China, whole fruit or oil extraction is also used to treat skin diseases and digestive disorders.

The role of sea buckthorn:

1.Like other berries, sea buckthorn berries are also rich in VC, VA, bioflavonoids and various carotenes, etc. However, no experiment has proven the therapeutic effects of sea buckthorn berries. The only experiment on sea buckthorn that is well-designed and has a large number of participants is an experiment on the effect of sea buckthorn on influenza. Experiments prove that there is no benefit to using sea buckthorn berries. But in experiments, researchers found that eating sea buckthorn berries may reduce the body's C-reactive protein, and high C-reactive protein may increase the risk of heart disease, but it is still unclear whether reducing C-reactive protein can reduce the risk of heart disease. A frontier theory believes that C-reactive protein reflects the presence of an unidentified bacteria that may accelerate arteriosclerosis. If this theory is confirmed, reducing C-reactive protein will not reduce the number of such bacteria. In other words, lowering C-reactive protein only hides the problem rather than solves the problem itself. Other similar experiments are considered insufficient to prove the relationship between consumption of sea buckthorn and cardiovascular disease. 2. The traditional method of using sea buckthorn oil to treat gastric ulcers has also been tested by some experiments, but these experiments are still in the preliminary stage and cannot be trusted. 3. Other functions lacking credible experimental basis include reducing side effects of cancer treatment, curing liver cirrhosis, wound recovery, etc. 4. There are also experiments that oral sea buckthorn extract can reduce eczema, but the results are basically the same as the control placebo group. The safety of sea buckthorn is generally considered safe as a widely consumed fruit, but the safety of sea buckthorn oil is unknown. So far there is no safety study of sea buckthorn oil, and no pregnancy, lactating women, children, liver and kidney functions have been established. Safety study of severely incomplete population.


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