How to eat sea buckthorn powder and the prohibition of sea buckthorn

Dec 18, 2020

1. How should sea buckthorn powder be eaten for good effect?

Seabuckthorn fruit powder is generally taken directly with water, which can detox. There is no major contraindication to pear fruit, but it cannot be eaten with almonds, but there is no accurate statement about whether it is poisonous or not. It can be mixed with honey. As for milk powder, soy milk, and peanuts The pulp is up to personal preference.


2. Who can not eat sea buckthorn

People with allergies and diabetics should not eat it. Patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and liver disease should eat less.


3. What is prohibited after drinking sea buckthorn powder

After consuming sea-buckthorn fruit powder, do not eat cold, greasy, spicy food, nor smoke or drink alcohol. The diet should be changed mainly to light. Seabuckthorn fruit powder should not be taken with other nourishing Chinese medicines


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