Tell you the main effects and application areas of alfalfa extract!

Mar 26, 2021

Main effects of alfalfa

Alfalfa extract has obvious effects of lowering blood fat, drainage and diuresis, lowering cholesterol, and maintaining acid-base balance in the body.

1. Promote cholesterol excretion, lower blood fat, prevent and reduce arteriosclerosis.

Hyperlipidemia is the number one killer of mankind, and more than 10 million people die of hyperlipidemia every year in the world. About 120 million people in China suffer from hyperlipidemia. If the blood lipids are too high, it will cause "blood thick" to accumulate on the blood vessel wall, and the gradual formation of small plaques is what we often call "atherosclerosis". These "plaques" increase and enlarge, and gradually block the blood vessels. Make blood flow slow, and blood flow is interrupted in severe cases. If this occurs in the heart, it will cause coronary heart disease; if it occurs in the brain, a stroke will occur; if the blood vessels in the fundus of the eye are blocked, it will cause vision loss and blindness; if it occurs in the kidneys, it will cause renal arteriosclerosis and renal failure. ; If it occurs in the lower extremities, necrosis and ulceration of the limbs will occur. In addition, hyperlipidemia can cause high blood pressure, induce gallstones, pancreatitis, aggravate hepatitis, diabetes, Alzheimer's and other diseases. Moreover, hyperlipidemia is insidious, progressive, and systemic, and it develops towards younger age. Now all foods and medicines that lower blood lipids and cholesterol come at the cost of harming the liver. U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA certification: Alfalfa saponins are the only pure natural substances found today that can effectively combine with lipids in the stomach through the esterification process, effectively blocking the ingested cholesterol from entering the blood, thereby blocking the three highs Health products for disease.

2. Alfalfa saponins can reduce LDL (low-density lipoprotein) or "bad" cholesterol by 29%. At the same time, it can also increase HDL or "good" cholesterol (serum high-density lipoprotein) content.

Recent clinical trials have confirmed that alfalfa saponins can significantly increase the human serum HDL cholesterol (serum high-density lipoprotein) content. Among them, the improvement rate for men was 34.7%, and the improvement rate for women was 27.2%. This means that many diseases caused by high cholesterol will completely disappear from our eyes.

Alfalfa application fields

1. At present, all foods and drugs for lowering blood lipids and cholesterol in the world are statins, with a total annual sales of 36.7 billion U.S. dollars. US Food and Drug Administration FDA certification: Alfalfa saponin is the only product that can replace statins among the pure natural substances found today. At present, this product has been monopolized by the United States for 2 years, and its market capacity is extremely large.

2. Many health product companies at home and abroad are using alfalfa saponins to develop various health products. Foreign countries such as the American Amway Company—code-named A-5880 (new calcium-magnesium tablets), whose main ingredient is alfalfa extract except calcium and magnesium; domestically-gourmet companion alfalfa Zhikang tablets, the main ingredient of its gourmet companion alfalfa Zhikang tablets-alfalfa Saponins.

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