Spiriulina Powder, a good choice for health care

Apr 19, 2017

Spiriulina Powder

a good choice for health care

Spirulina powder is made from fresh Spirulina by spray drying, sieving and sterilizing, his fineness generally in the above 80 items. The pure Spirulina color dark green, feels soapy, no Spirulina screening or add other substances will have a rough sense.

Spirulina is a kind of lower plants, belonging to Cyanophyta, oscillatoriaceae. They are associated with bacteria, no real nucleus cells, so also known as cyanobacteria. The original cyanobacterial cell structure, and is very simple, first appeared on earth in photosynthetic organisms, has been living on this planet for 3 billion 500 million years. It grows in the water, visible under the microscope the morphology of spiral filaments, hence the name. In the health care food applications more generally for other spirulina, spirulina and Spirulina maxima and s.subsalsa, protein content of Spirulina platensis in general more than 65%.

Spirulina according to different purposes can be divided into feed grade, food grade and special use. Feed grade spirulina powder commonly used in aquaculture, livestock breeding, food grade spirulina powder used for health food and added to other foods for human consumption.

Function of the Spirulina powder:

1, super alkaline food, rich in alkaline minerals (especially potassium and calcium), can maintain the balance of blood pH value, lower cholesterol, reduce the symptoms of hypertension and heart disease or reduce the incidence of;


2, effectively improve the symptoms of stomach, against all kinds of diarrhea and constipation;


3, the prevention and treatment of anemia, carotenoid content is 1.5 times that of carrots, vitamin B12 content of liver is a factor of 4 times the iron content of spinach is about 23 times;


4, contains the body itself can not be synthesized linolenic acid to help fat metabolism, prevent thrombosis, effective against cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, prevention of fatty liver and cirrhosis, lower blood sugar, diabetes prevention;


5, to prevent the use of sedatives, antibiotics, anticancer agents, such as damage to the renal function;


6, reduce the toxicity of mercury and drugs to the kidney, so that the body from heavy metal poisoning;


7, weight loss, beauty, acne, chloasma, anti-aging

Although, it is a powerful product, the following should pay attention:

1, all the people are not balanced nutrition, and physical mental workers;

2, long-term use of drugs and chemotherapy group, anemia, insomnia and low immunity;

3, chronic digestive system diseases;

4, workers in the anoxic environment;

5, high cholesterol, cholesterol;

6, tumor, diabetes mellitus patients;

7, often eat fried, pickled, seafood, barbecue food

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