Knowledge of the Blue Lotus

Mar 27, 2019

The general morphological feature of the blue lotus is that the rhizome is irregularly spherical.Leaves nearly orbicular or elliptic, 13~40 cm in diam.Leaves adaxially green, abaxially punctate with purple, glabrous on both surfaces, petiole green, glabrous.Flower blue, petal 15~20, flower diameter 15 centimeters.Petals stellate, apically dark blue, basally pale, stamens golden yellow.Sepals narrow, linear or oblong-lanceolate.

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According to the nutritive composition analysis of blue lotus, the result shows that blue lotus is rich in 17 kinds of amino acids, and blue lotus protein is a high quality protein.The results also showed that blue lotus contains rich VC, flavonoid glucoside and trace element zinc, which have strong function of discharging lead.Animal acute toxicity test, micronucleus test and sperm aberration test all showed that blue lotus is a safe and reliable substance without any toxic side effects.The pollen of blue lotus is rich in nutrition, complete, balanced and concentrated.

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