Do you know how to eat Cymbidium?

Mar 12, 2021


It can be harvested in spring, summer and autumn, and it is generally harvested in autumn.

Manufacturing method

Raw odorifera: pick out impurities, grind into crumbs, toss off fine hairs and fines.

Making xiangfu: Put the crushed xiangfu in a jar, mix well with rice wine and rice vinegar. Then use granulated sugar, add an appropriate amount of water and stir fry, then pour the xiangthou into the pot, mix well with the granulated sugar water, and fry dry. (100 catties per piece of Xiangfu, 20 catties each of rice wine and rice vinegar, 6 catties of granulated sugar)

Four kinds of xiangfu: take the clean xiangfu with rice vinegar, children's stool, rice wine, and refined honey (add boiled water to decontaminate), and stir-fry until it is dry and take out. (100 catties per raw fragrant, use 12.5 catties each of rice vinegar, rice wine, and Tongbian, and 6 catties for condensing honey)

Vinegar Xiangfu: Take clean Xiangfu granules, add vinegar and mix well, let it sit overnight, stir-fry in a pot until slightly yellow, and take it out to dry. (100 kg per piece of Xiangfu, 20 kg of vinegar) Xiangfu charcoal: Take clean Xiangfu, stir-fry in a pot with martial fire until the surface is charred black and the inside is charred, but it must be stored, sprayed with water, and dried.

The pharmacological effects of Cyperus rotundus

1. The effect on the uterus. Cyperus rotundus (purchased from Nanjing, said to be produced in Guangdong) 5% liquid extract, can inhibit the contraction of isolated uterus (pregnant and non-pregnant) of guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs, etc., and relax the uterine muscle tension. It is similar to Angelica sinensis, but its effectiveness is weaker.

2. The oil contained in Cyperus rotundus has weak estrogenic effect.

3. Analgesic effect Using mouse electric disc stimulation method, subcutaneous injection of 0.5 ml/20 g body weight of 20% alcohol extract of Cyperus rotundus (collected from Guiyang) can significantly increase the pain threshold of mice.

4. Antibacterial effect Root tuber has antibacterial effect, and its extract can inhibit certain fungi.

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