Different from ordinary freeze-dried goji berries!

Jun 16, 2021

Freeze-dried wolfberry is a new type of production process that is different from ordinary dried wolfberry. Freeze-dried goji berries are processed by washing fresh goji berries and directly frozen at low temperature. Since only the water in the pulp is taken out without destroying other nutrients, freeze-dried goji berries not ofreeze-dried goji berriesnly maximize the retention of various nutrient essences in the fresh goji berries, but also can It retains nutrients to the greatest extent and removes excess substances. It also solves the problem of impurities such as sand and insect eggs in the drying process. The most important thing is to avoid the food caused by excessive chemical substances such as alkaline water, sodium sulfite and sulfur in the drying process. Poisoning is a safe, no-additive green food.


Unlike sun-dried goji berries, freeze-dried goji berries are produced under a low-temperature vacuum environment. The freeze-drying technology is used to sublimate the moisture in the pulp without destroying the original material structure, so that the freeze-dried goji berries can keep the fresh fruit skeleton and shape intact. , Also maximize the retention of various nutrients in wolfberry. In addition, because microorganisms and enzymes are unable to function in a vacuum production environment, the wolfberry can maximize the color, fragrance and taste of the fresh fruit. At the same time, the moisture content of less than 5% also allows freeze-dried wolfberry to be stored, transported and sold at room temperature for a long time without being refrigerated after production. As long as the package is sealed, it can be stored, transported and sold at room temperature for a long time, and will not deteriorate within three to five years.

The full name of Freeze Drying is Vacuum Freeze Drying, also known as Drying by Sublimation, which freezes the dried liquid material into a solid, and utilizes the sublimation performance of ice under low temperature and reduced pressure conditions. A method to dehydrate the material at low temperature to achieve the purpose of drying.

Vacuum freeze-drying freezes the material containing a large amount of water into a solid by cooling in advance. Then the water vapor is directly sublimated from the solid under vacuum conditions, and the substance itself remains in the ice shelf when it is frozen, so its volume does not change after drying, and it becomes loose, porous, and has good rehydration performance. Freeze-dried vegetables or foods, its biggest feature is to retain the product's color, fragrance, taste, shape and the nutrients of the original ecological food. It is also called aerospace food, and it is a natural, green, safe, convenient and nutritious food today.

The vacuum freeze-drying process of Jintai freeze-dried wolfberry is tight and orderly, professional and safe. After picking the fresh goji berries, the staff of the park will remove some impurities through manual sorting, without fruit stalks, miscellaneous leaves, etc. Fresh fruits should be sent to a refrigerator at 0-4°C within two hours after being picked. All fresh fruits must be cleaned, sterilized, disinfected, quick-frozen to minus 18°C and stored in a low-temperature storage within 20 hours. . Finally, choose a vacuum freeze-drying equipment to make the fresh wolfberry fruit at minus 18°C into a dry product using a vacuum freeze-drying process. No chemical substances are added during the entire freeze-drying process, which is safe and nutritious.


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