Broccoli & cauliflower PK, who is better?

Feb 26, 2021

Many diabetics ask, is broccoli better or broccoli? It is also a gorgeous flower, but its nutritional value is very different. In the dispute between the two flowers, who will compete with each other?


Which broccoli or cauliflower has higher nutritional value?

A Japanese study concluded that the average nutritional value and disease prevention effect of broccoli far exceeds that of other vegetables, ranking first.

Chinese medicine believes that broccoli is more nutritious than cauliflower, and has the effects of moisturizing the lungs, relieving coughs, opening sounds, and soothing the throat.

Studies have shown that regular consumption of broccoli can enhance the liver's detoxification ability and improve immunity. The glucosamine contained in it has anti-cancer effects. It is said that long-term consumption can reduce the incidence of cancers such as breast cancer, rectal cancer and stomach cancer.

In terms of nutrition, broccoli has a higher nutritional value than cauliflower. Please see the picture below: The red font indicates that broccoli has a higher or equivalent content than broccoli.

Broccoli/Cauliflower: Nutrient content per 100 grams


In general: Compared with broccoli, broccoli has higher protein, dietary fiber, VA and B vitamins, and calcium, zinc and selenium in minerals are higher than broccoli. The functions of broccoli and cauliflower are basically the same, but the carotene content of broccoli is higher.

Broccoli: a nutrient beneficial to prevent diabetes

1. Broccoli is rich in fiber, which can effectively reduce the absorption rate of glucose in the stomach and intestines, and can reduce blood sugar.

2. The chromium contained in blue flowers can help diabetic patients improve insulin sensitivity, and has a good preventive effect on diabetes.

3. Broccoli has a higher dietary fiber content in vegetables. Dietary fiber has many benefits for diabetics. It can delay the rapid increase of blood sugar in food and reduce postprandial blood sugar.

4. Broccoli is rich in VA, vitamin A can maintain normal visual function, an essential nutrient for diabetic patients with blurred vision.

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