Tilia Cordata Extract Powder

Tilia Cordata Extract Powder


latin Name: Tilia vulgaris L.
Form: Powder
Color: brown powder
Extract Method: Water/Ethanol
Test Method: HPLC/UV
Package: 1kg/box 25kg/Drum






Tilia Cordata Extract Powder has been used in many folk medicine treatments. It is a brown-yellow powder that is easily soluble in water. Its active ingredients include flavonoids, volatile oils and mucus ingredients. It is widely used in many cosmetic preparations. tilia extract can be used in the medical field because of its soothing, moisturizing and astringent properties. It is commonly used in bath salts and creams to soothe irritated skin.


Tilia cordata extract can be used to relieve spasms and pain, colds, headaches, body pain, and epilepsy.

Increase appetite and relieve pain.

Treat colds, coughs, fever, infections, inflammations, high blood pressure, headaches (especially migraines)



Functional foods and food additives;

Cosmetic additives.

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★Quality Assurance System: ISO9001 international quality system certification.

Jintai Biological Company

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