Gynosrtermma Extract

Gynosrtermma Extract


Latin Name: Gynostemma pentaphyllum (Thunb.) Makino
Main ingredient: Gypenoside
Specification: 80%-98%
Parts used: root
Color: Brown fine powder
Mesh: 100% over 80 mesh
Storage method: sealed, protected from light, stored in a cool and dry place
Shelf life: In the case of meeting the storage requirements, the shelf life is 2 years






Gynosrtermma Extract is the water or alcohol extract of the rhizome or whole plant of Gynostemma pentaphyllum, a traditional Chinese medicine. The main active ingredient of the extract, Gypenoside, is most abundant in the leaves of the plant, followed by the stems and aerial parts. The saponin content is an important indicator to evaluate the quality of pentaphyllum extract.

In the Ming Dynasty, Gynostemma pentaphyllum (Thunb.) Makino was called "the fairy grass". In ancient times, folks regarded it as a magical "herb for longevity and longevity". Currently. Gynostemma has been widely used in the pharmaceutical and health products industry. But many functions have not been fully utilized, so Gynostemma pentaphyllum has huge development value and development potential.

Jintai develops excellent extraction and purification process to provide you with high-quality and high purity bulk Gynosrtermma Extract. At the same time, we can provide you with third-party test reports to ensure product quality.

Gynosrtermma Extract

Health Benefits

1. Gynostemma leaf extract has an inhibitory effect on the proliferation of cancer cells;

2. Can enhance the immune function of the body;

3. Lowering blood lipids and regulating blood pressure

4. It has anti-fatigue effect by reducing muscle glycogen depletion;

5. It is used to treat various diseases, such as hyperlipidemia, chronic gastroenteritis, etc., and has important scientific research value.


1. Gynosrtermma Extract applied in food field, a series of gynostemma tea and drinks are coming on the market;

2. Applied in health product field, primarily as a lipid material, to adjustblood pressure and strengthen the immune system;

3. Applied in cosmetics field, improving scalp microcirculation, with the function of protecting hair.

Why choose Jintai Biological?

★Strong Trade Capacity: Annual production of 500 tons as a manufacturer and explored market around the world.

★Workshop Production Line: dynamic countercurrent extraction, column separation, membrane separation technology, efficient counter-current extraction, microwave drying, spray drying hormones.

★Advanced Equipment: liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, magnetic drive autoclave and advanced testing, experimental, pilot equipment.

★Quality Assurance System: ISO9001, KOSHER, HALAL international quality system certification.

Jintai Biological Company

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