What's The Difference Between Collagen Peptide Mask And Ordinary Hydrating Mask?

Apr 19, 2019

Ordinary hydrating mask only replenish moisture to skin from the outside which can not deeply solve the problem of skin dryness.

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The collagen peptide mask is made up of small molecules collagen bioactive peptide which is easily to absorbed by skin.After absorption, it can increase the skin ability to retain water and prevent the loss of water. Keep your skin moisturized for a long time!

collagen peptide mask

This mask is made up of more than 10 natural plant extracts, such as centella asiatica, giant knotweed, rosemary, lavender, licorice, and scutellaria baicalensis.It is really pure natural, harmless!We offer customer “Satisfaction in buying, Satisfaction in using”

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