The Sixth Batch Of Plant Extract Group Standards Expert Review Meeting Was Held in Beijing

Jun 02, 2021

The sixth batch of plant extract group standards expert review meeting

On May 25, the sixth batch of plant extract group standards expert review meeting was held in Beijing. 11 experts from government agencies, scientific research institutes, and testing institutions strictly checked the 12 plant extract group standards that participated in the defense. Secretary Meng Dongping of the Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

The review panel experts include: Wang Xiaojing, Deputy Director of the Health Food Registration Office of the Special Food Division of the State Administration for Market Regulation, Ma Shuangcheng and Jin Hongyu, Director of the China Food and Drug Control Institute, Shi Shangmei, former Director of the Chinese Medicine Division of the National Pharmacopoeia Commission, and China Standardization Institute of Food and Agricultural Standardization, Director Yun Zhenyu, Director Sun Xiaobo, Institute of Medicinal Plants, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor Yang Xiuwei, School of Pharmacy, Peking University, Deputy Director Yin Shuang, Quality and Standardization Office of China Standard Press, United States Pharmacopoeia Liu Jie, Deputy Director of the Science Affairs Department of the Committee’s China Headquarters, Xie Tianpei, General Manager of Shanghai Shidande Standard Technical Service Co., Ltd., and Dr. Wang Liye from Luoyang Normal University.

Secretary Meng Dongping said in his speech that my country's standardization system is becoming more and more perfect and has gradually formed a new pattern of "compulsory standards keeping the bottom line, recommended standards ensuring basics, industry standards making up for omissions, enterprise standards strengthening quality, and group standards creating innovation". In the formulation of group standards, the Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce has been at the forefront. Since 2013, it has formulated the group standards for plant extracts. At present, 58 product standards have been formulated and released, and they have been filed on the website of the National Standards Committee. The standard formulation is normal. track.

Secretary Meng Dongping said that the Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce not only made great efforts to standardize and professionalize the establishment of the group standard, but also carried out work in the field of application of the group standard. On the one hand, in order to further help plant extract companies to open up the market, the Chamber of Commerce and the United States Pharmacopeia jointly developed a series of standards this year. After the standard is completed, it will not only contribute to the high-quality development of the domestic plant extract industry; the standard will also be recognized by the United States Pharmacopoeia, which will promote the industry to better access the American market. On the other hand, the Chamber of Commerce cooperated with a third-party testing agency to start the certification work (GACP certification) for the cultivation and collection of medicinal plants. Through the system certification of the planting and harvesting process of medicinal plants in accordance with GACP standards, the quality of the whole process is guaranteed to be controllable, and domestic enterprises are guided to improve the quality management of exported Chinese medicinal materials from the source base.

The sixth batch of plant extract group standards expert review meeting site

The sixth batch of plant extract group standards expert review meeting site

The sixth batch of plant extract group standards review meeting was presided over by Ma Shuangcheng, director of the China Food and Drug Control Institute and director of the Plant Extract Standards Committee of the Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce. The experts put forward specific opinions and suggestions on the standards participating in the review.

It is reported that the formulation of the group standard for this batch of plant extracts began in 2019, and many domestic outstanding plant extract manufacturers actively signed up to participate. After the procedures of enterprise declaration, standard preliminary review, project establishment, drafting, review, and publicity, a total of 24 standards have entered the expert review stage. The review will review 12 of these standards, including cranberry extract, tartary buckwheat extract, mulberry leaf extract, astragalus extract, dandelion extract, American ginseng extract, Hericium erinaceus extract, Ganzi extract, Reed root extract, Acanthopanax senticosus extract, Ganoderma lucidum spore extract (de-oiled and water-extracted), Hiptera spore mycelium. In standard formulation, the Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce extensively solicited industry opinions, attracted more scientific research institutions and enterprises to jointly formulate standards, and commissioned Shanghai Shidande to conduct a review, and verified the applicability of the standards through a third party to ensure the broad representativeness and scientificity of the standard formulation .

In late June, the Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce will organize the second plant extract group standard expert review meeting to review the remaining 12 unreviewed group standards in the sixth batch, including: Angelica extract, Citrus aurantium extract, Glycyrrhiza Monosodium glutamate, licorice extract, glycyrrhizin, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, ammonium glycyrrhizinate, glycyrrhizic acid, lutein ester, L-rhamnose monohydrate, Cordyceps militaris extract (instant powder), lycium barbarum glycopeptide.

After two expert review meetings, the group standards that have passed the expert review will be released in due course after revisions and expert letter reviews are correct.

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