Sharing Summary Of The Exhibition

Dec 19, 2019

No. 2019.12.17 Our company's colleagues participating in the exhibition summarized and analyzed the entire process of the exhibition.

Compared with previous years, the number of visitors to the FIA exhibition in Guangzhou this year has been significantly reduced. The specific reasons may be the following:

First, China now has stricter control over raw materials for food, medicine and cosmetics, so the market is more transparent and safe.

Second, the exhibitors are more precise. Only customers with real needs will spend a certain amount of time and energy to come to the exhibition to find the best quality suppliers,

Our company not only set up independent booths at this year's exhibition, but also spent a lot of time visiting many customers in various places, visiting customers' offices, laboratories, exhibition halls and many other places. In the process, we also gained a lot.

This year, our company mainly introduced three major products at the exhibition: plant extracts, peptide products, and fruit and vegetable powder.

The products of plant extracts mainly include kidney and aphrodisiac ingredients: Epimedium extract; Maca extract; Cynomorium extract; Yohimbine extract, etc.

Natural weight-loss raw materials: L-carnitine; lotus leaf extract; white kidney bean extract; bitter gourd extract, etc.

Raw materials for improving immunity: ginseng extract; wolfberry extract; ganoderma extract; astragalus extract; etc.

Raw materials for beauty and cosmetics: hyaluronic acid; collagen; arbutin, etc.

Peptide products: oyster peptide; sea cucumber peptide; bovine bone peptide; corn peptide

And all kinds of fruit and vegetable powder.

In short, participating in this exhibition has a lot of benefits for our company. I hope to see you at the next exhibition.

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