Exhibition Sharing

Mar 29, 2019

It has been a week since the end of the Shanghai FIC exhibition. After the colleagues who attended the exhibition returned to the company, they have already invested in new work. But in order to let each colleague learn more, the company organized a share of the exhibitors' experience.


A total of four colleagues sharing the exhibition experience.

Domestic trade colleague Yang Xiaopeng mainly analyzed the domestic customer groups of this year's FIC exhibition. This year's customer intentions are high, and customer purchases are relatively large.

 Exhibition Sharing1

Foreign trade colleague Tian Fei mainly analyzed the countries in which international customers are mainly from the exhibition. The main sources of customers this year are Russia, South Korea, Germany and other countries. As well as the arrangement of the work after the exhibition.

Exhibition Sharing2

Lucy, the head of the marketing department, mainly analyzed the problems in the preparation work before the exhibition and the areas that needed improvement in the later stage. Secondly, it describes how to communicate with customers during the exhibition. And statistics and collation of customers after attending the exhibition.

 Exhibition Sharing3

Lias, the general manager of the company, mainly talks about the arrangement of the trip before visiting the customer, what happened in the visit to the customer, and the problems that should be paid attention to when visiting the customer.

 Exhibition Sharing4

This sharing has made every colleague gain a lot.

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