Where to Buy Ferulic Acid Powder?

Jan 16, 2020

Where to Buy Ferulic Acid Powder?Shaanxi jintai biological engineering co., LTD. Supplies ferulic acid all year round with an annual output of 100 tons.We accept field inspection, can be customized production and packaging.Contact Us

Nature has donated many good things to human beings. Of course, there are quite a lot of useful ingredients to the cosmetic industry. Such as natural plant active ingredients-ferulic acid is a good example. Ferulic acid has gradually begun to be applied in the field of beauty and cosmetics, especially its whitening, freckle, sun protection and other effects, which has injected new vitality into the rapidly advancing modern cosmetics industry.

1.What is ferulic acid?

Ferulic acid is widely present in plants in nature. Its chemical name is 4-hydroxy-methoxycinnamic acid, which is a phenolic acid commonly found in plants. Ferulic acid is mostly extracted from Angelica sinensis, and ferulic acid is contained in various traditional Chinese medicines, such as Chuanxiong, Equisetum, Cimicifuga, and is one of the derivatives of cinnamic acid. Of course, ferulic acid is rarely present in plants in a free state. It mainly exists in plants with oligosaccharides, polyamines, lipids and polysaccharides. That is, sodium ferulate and ferulate, these two derivatives, basically reflect and maintain the biological characteristics of ferulic acid.

2.The effect of ferulic acid on the skin

Ferulic acid is more commonly used as a drug, and it is also widely used in the food industry for antioxidants. In recent years, ferulic acid has also begun to be used in the cosmetics industry. Ferulic acid is mainly used in the skin care industry based on the whitening and antioxidant effects of ferulic acid.

In addition, ferulic acid also has the ability to scavenge oxygen free radicals and good anti-oxidant effects. It has also been reported that ferulic acid has sun protection ability. Ferulic acid can effectively absorb ultraviolet rays in the wavelength range of 290 to 330 nm, preventing or reducing ultraviolet rays of this wavelength. Damage to the skin.

3.Ferulic acid safety

Ferulic acid is found in natural plant angelica, and angelica is used as an edible Chinese medicine. Therefore, the security is relatively high. Modern research shows that ferulic acid can be absorbed by the human body and can be excreted from the urine in time without accumulation in the human body and causing accumulation toxicity. In particular, ferulic acid is easy to be metabolized by the human body, has extremely low toxicity, and is relatively safe to use. Because of this, ferulic acid is very common in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Ferulic acid is worth using as an effective and safe whitening and antioxidant ingredient. However, it should be noted that when choosing such a whitening product, you should choose a product containing ferulic acid, not a product containing its ferulic acid or ferulic acid ester. Because that affects the activity and efficiency of ferulic acid. In addition, the research and development of products containing ferulic acid is a challenge for formulators, and it requires a deep foundation in cosmetic formula development.

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