What’s the Spine Date Seed extract?

May 24, 2021

Spine Date Seed is a traditional Chinese herb. With mixed sweet and sour taste, this is a medicinal herb which helps in improving heart conditions, liver and gall bladder. The spine date seed extract originated in the Chinese provinces of Hebei, Shaanxi, Liaoning, Henan.. It contains jujuboside A, jujuboside B, betulinic acid, betulin and ect. Spine date seed extract can extract the main ingredient Jujuboside, the appearance is brown yellow powder.

Here are the functions and applications:


1. Jujube Extract Powder can help for a good sleep and clam.

2. Jujube Extract Powder works as anti cancer agent in liver cancer.

3. Jujube Extract Powder has antioxidant benefit, antimicrobial benefits.

4. Jujube Extract Powder is for the treatment of chronic idiopathic constipation: a controlled clinical trial.

5. Jujube Extract Powder can help expand blood vessel, improve nutriture, enhance myocardial contractile force.

6. Jujube Extract Powder is a natural skin care and cosmetology tonics.


1. Pharmaceutical as capsules or pills;

2. Functional food as capsules or pills;

3. Water-soluble beverages;

4. Health products as capsules or pills.

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