You don’t know the value of pine needle extract?

May 20, 2021

Pine needle extract can be used to expand arterial blood vessels, increase red blood cell oxygen carrying capacity, promote blood circulation, improve capillary function, improve immunity, increase hormone secretion, strengthen essence, and rejuvenate body tissues.

Main value

It is the needles of Siberian Korean pine, black pine, Chinese pine, Korean pine, Huashan pine, Yunnan pine, Simao pine, and Masson pine in the Pinus genus.

Pine needle extract

Drinking tea with pine needles can cure high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, expel wind and invigorate blood, improve eyesight, soothe the nerves, detoxify, and relieve itching. Used for influenza, rheumatism and joint pain, bruises, swelling and pain, night blindness, Alzheimer's disease, neurasthenia; external use to treat frostbite. It has a special effect on hyposexual function, diabetes, constipation, frequent colds of young people, acne, allergic rhinitis, obesity, etc. The secret recipe for drinking tea for longevity: "Yipin Quansong Tea" is popular in Japan: There is one of the simplest ways to keep in good health in Japan (the medicinal value of pine needles).

Pine needle extract used as a livestock and poultry feed additive or directly fed to livestock and poultry, not only can save feed and reduce production costs, but also has obvious promoting effects on promoting the growth and development of livestock and poultry, enhancing disease resistance and improving reproductive function.

1. Pine needle powder can enhance the production performance of poultry: Pine needle powder contains a variety of amino acids and trace elements, which can effectively stimulate the ovulation function of laying hens and increase the egg production rate. Add 3% to 5% in the diet of laying hens. The pine needle powder can increase the egg production by 6.1%~13.8%; the feed utilization rate can be increased by 15.1%, the laying weight can be increased by 2.9%, the fertilization rate can be increased by 1.0%, and the egg yolk has a darker color. Add 3% to the broiler diet. With 5% pine needle powder, the daily gain can be increased by 8.1%~12.0%, and the feed return rate can be increased by 8.4%. At the same time, pine needle powder contains phytoncide and vitamins, which have the effect of disease prevention and disease resistance, and can effectively resist the occurrence of diseases in laying hens.

2. Pine needle powder can increase milk production of cows. Practice has proved that adding 10% pine needle powder to the dairy cow's diet can save 6% of feed, increase milk production by 7.4%-10.5%, and increase income by 4.3%.

3. Application of pine needle powder in pig production: Pine needle powder is a low-energy, high-protein feed, rich in amino acids, vitamins and various trace elements necessary for animal growth and development. Therefore, adding pine needle powder to pigs can overcome the shortcomings of low protein content and high digestibility in common farm feeds and premixed feeds on the market, and can effectively stimulate the appetite of pigs and promote digestion, absorption and metabolism of pigs. , Improve feed utilization rate and accelerate the growth and development of pigs. Adding 3% to 5% of pine needle powder to the diet of fattening pigs can increase the average daily weight gain of pigs by 15% to 30%, increase the lean meat rate, and significantly increase disease resistance.

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