The bitter gourd extract

Aug 21, 2019

Plant bitter gourd belongs to the cucurbitaceae and is known in the name of bitter gourd. Balsam pear grows in tropical and subtropical regions, including parts of East Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and South America, where bitter melon is both food and medicine.


In traditional Chinese herbal medicine, bitter gourd is thought to stimulate digestive function and promote appetite. This has been confirmed by people. As a fairly common food, bitter gourd is often used as a regulator of the human body in the tropics; a variety of infectious diseases, cancer and diabetes are the most common human states that bitter melon claims to improve. The immature fruits, seeds and aerial parts of bitter gourd are used to treat diabetes in many parts of the world. Both its leaves and fruits have been used to make tea, beer or seasonal soups from the Western world. Bitter melon capsules and tinctures are now widely used in the Western world as herbal medicines.


Melons contain steroidal saponins such as momordicin, insulin-like peptides and alkaloids, which impart hypoglycemic activity to bitter gourd. Momordicin stimulates the release of insulin and impedes the formation of glucose in the bloodstream, a function that may play a large role in the treatment of diabetes, especially non-insulin dependent diabetes.

The bitter gourd extract has a good blood sugar lowering effect and is known as plant insulin. The whole ingredient extract is used for type 2 diabetes three times a day, 2g each time, which can maintain normal blood sugar level. Because it is plant extract, it has no toxic side effects compared with western medicine hypoglycemic agent.

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