Sea Buckthorn:The Best Source of Omega 7

Sep 10, 2021

The scientific name of sea buckthorn is Hippophaae rhamnoides L., and it mainly grows on the Atlantic coast of Europe, Mongolia and northwest China. It usually grows in dry and sandy areas. It blooms in April and May and bears fruit in September. Round berries are usually yellow or orange, bitter and sour in taste, with a special aroma. Sea buckthorn oil, as a natural medicine for various diseases, is extracted from the fruits and seeds of sea buckthorn. It contains particularly high omega 7, which is beneficial to the human body.

What is Omega-7?

Omega-7 is a monounsaturated fatty acid. It is widely known for its ability to promote cell metabolism and keep the body moisturized. Oil and foods are rare in general, and in nature they are mainly ingested from sea buckthorn, avocados, nuts and a small number of fishes. Among them, Omega-7 content in sea buckthorn is the most abundant, but also as a plant-based source, vegetarians can also eat. The content of Omega-7 fatty acids in sea buckthorn oil is the highest, which is three times that of nuts and eight times that of fish. It can help maintain the function of the digestive tract, adjust physical fitness, and enhance physical strength. Omega-7 can also improve the body's anti-inflammatory response. Omega-7 is rich in palmitoleic acid, a fatty acid that is helpful for digestive problems and works to repair damaged organs in the body.


Why choose sea buckthorn as the source of omega 7?

One advantage of using sea buckthorn as a source of omega-7 is that it does not need reprocessing. The raw material contains a lot of fatty acids. And it is rich in other nutrients, so there is no need to strip other oils. The CO2 extraction process is gentle and the temperature is low. In fact, the temperature it uses is even lower than that of cold pressing. This method retains most of the nutrients in the plant.

From the perspective of sustainability, sea buckthorn is the best source of Omega-7. Unlike animal resources, sustainable sea buckthorn plants can also produce better omega 7 products and can be grown using traditional organic farming patterns. As a plant, sea buckthorn is beneficial to the soil and can increase the nitrogen content of the soil. Sea buckthorn is very helpful in areas of soil erosion.


Omega-7 is abundant in sea buckthorn oil and outperforms other sources. And whether it is from the perspective of extraction method or sustainability, it is the best choice for supplementing omega-7.

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