Fish collagen powder

Jul 26, 2019

Fish collagen powder has the effect of smoothing fine lines and repairing wrinkles and whitening skin.

The production of wrinkles and fine wrinkles is related to the natural loss of collagen. After supplementing Pure Fish Collagen Powder, which can directly penetrate into the dermis layer of the skin and restructure the fibrous tissue of the skin. It can not only promote cell metabolism but also delay cell aging, and make fine wrinkles Stretch, restore the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Smoothes fine lines, repairs wrinkles, whitens skin, removes spots and prints

German researchers have shown that peptides in collagen can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, reduce the formation of pigmentation, and collagen has a unique repair effect on the skin, combined with the surrounding cell tissue, effectively promote skin cell regeneration, Repair the epidermis of acne scars.

Water retention and hydrating

The unique triple helix structure of collagen can effectively lock in moisture and form a large number of hydrophilic groups. Therefore, collagen has strong water storage properties, and maintains the necessary moisture of the skin to supplement the collagen, which can restore the skin. Moist and shiny.

Shrink pores and firm skin

After the collagen is absorbed by the skin, the skin's water retention capacity is increased. The skin's water and oil balance is maintained, and the oil secretion is vigorous, the long-term blockage and large pores are prevented. Further more collagen can increase the skin tightness, reduce the pores, and make the skin more tight and flexible.

Remove dark circles and eye bags

The loss of collagen leads to the relaxation and sagging of the eye tissue. Because the skin layer around the eye is thin, some people are prone to cause blood accumulation, produce dark circles. The structure becomes tight, the blood does not stay in the gap, and dark circles and bags under the eyes naturally do not form.

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