Do Apples Have Polyphenols?

Apr 28, 2022

Apple polyphenols are secondary metabolites widely present in apples. Its phenolic hydroxyl, reductone and partial condensation structure endow it with strong antioxidant power. Polyphenols are the main material basis for the functional activity of Apple fruit powder. It is closely related to the sensory qualities such as flavor, color, and texture in apple products and processed foods.

apple polyphenols

What Are Apples Polyphenols?

Apple polyphenol is a general term for phenolic compounds in apples, including various phenolic acids, flavonols, flavantriols, dihydrochalcones, anthocyanins, etc. The content and composition in different apple varieties are directly related to the expression levels of genes regulating the metabolic synthesis and accumulation of polyphenols and the activities of the enzymes they regulate. At the same time, it will be affected by a series of factors such as planting methods, regional environment, maturity, and storage methods. It exhibits a wide range of variability.

How Do Apple Polyphenols Work?

In food processing and storage, it participates in the Maillard reaction through oxidative polymerization and catalytic cracking. It interferes with the production of color and odor substances. Moreover, polyphenols interacts with macromolecular substances to produce gluing or flocculation, which affects the formation of system texture. Thus affecting the color, aroma, taste, shape, packaging and storage of products.

What Are Apple Polyphenol Good For?

Its physiological efficacy has high relative solubility due to its small molecular mass, diverse structures, and high relative solubility. Apple Polyphenol has strong bioavailability and exerts antioxidant properties directly in the body. It indirectly acts on cellular antioxidant enzymes' expression and activity level and activates/inhibits specific activity-related nuclear factors. This way affects DNA translation and transcription of related proteins, thereby intervening and regulating the corresponding physiological and pathological symptoms.


Apple polyphenols are the main active ingredients in apples and affect the color, aroma, taste, and shape of products in food processing. It mainly focuses on improving the color of products and the quality of fresh-keeping materials. It has a wide range of physiological functions. Its antioxidant properties are involved in lowering blood sugar, lowering blood lipids, repairing organ damage, preventing various types of cancer, and regulating immune levels.

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