4 Differences Between Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil and Sea buckthorn Fruit Oil

Sep 16, 2021

What’s the Different Between Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil and Sea buckthorn Fruit Oil?

Sea buckthorn oil includes sea buckthorn seed oil and sea buckthorn fruit oil, which are of high nutritional value. Sea buckthorn fruit oil is extracted from its fruit part, and sea buckthorn seed oil is extracted from its seeds. What's the difference?

Extraction Method

Sea buckthorn seed oil is extracted from seeds using a low-temperature supercritical Co2 extraction technology. It preserves the active ingredients better and reduces the loss of nutrients. The seed oil has high purity and high safety which is extracted in this way. Fruit oil is a process of juicing, high-speed centrifugal separation, pressure filtration and other processes from juice or mashed fruit. It has the aromatic smell of sea buckthorn fruit.

Sea Buckthorn Oil


Sea buckthorn seed oil is brownish-yellow to brown-red, tastes refreshing, smooth and particle-free, slightly hanging wall phenomenon. Sea buckthorn fruit oil is brown-red, tastes thick and mellow, long time to leave incense, slightly hanging wall phenomenon obviously.


Sea buckthorn seed oil contains unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic acid), protein, amino acids, vitamin A/B/C/E, sea buckthorn flavonoids and polyphenols are higher; sea buckthorn fruit oil contains higher palmitoleic acid, carotenoids, organic acid.

Suitable People

Seed oil is more suitable for the elderly, cancer, tumor patients, people with poor liver function and poor immunity. Fruit oil is mainly used to regulate gastrointestinal problems, such as chronic gastritis and gastric ulcer. It also has the effect of lightening, whitening, and anti-aging.

Through the above different comparisons, you can reasonably choose the sea buckthorn oil according to different needs. And sea buckthorn seed oil is more expensive than fruit oil. So, if you just condition your stomach, sea buckthorn oil is better.

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