About okra plant extract and benefits of eating okra everyday

Aug 31, 2018

About okra plants extract

Okra, also known as Okra, is native to India and is rich in nutrients. It is known as the king of vegetables and has excellent economic and food value. It is an excellent health care product and has been loved by many friends in recent years. Here, Shaanxi Jintai Biological brings you the effects and functions of okra, let's take a look.

Okra extract includes both tender pod extract and whole grass extract. For the tender pod extract, fresh okra seed pods should be used as raw materials. When the conditions are not allowed, the dried pods can also be considered. The whole grass extract should be freshly planted with fresh whole stems and leaves. If the conditions are not allowed, the whole plant can also be used. Dry grass. From the preservation of nutrients, fresh is far better than dried.

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1. Okra root pod extract 10:1 specification nutrient composition table (per 100g content, data source tender pod nutrition label calculation, for reference only):

Ingredient name              content
Nutrient reference value NRV%
Ingredient name
Energy (kJ) 550
Calcium (mg)
Protein (g)20
Zinc (mg)
Carbohydrate (g)41
Iron (mg)
Fat (g)1
Potassium (mg) 
Dietary fiber (g)8
Phosphorus (mg) 
Sodium (mg)   39
Magnesium (mg)
Vitamin A (mg)400
Selenium (microgram) 
Carotene (mg)2400
Manganese (mg)
Vitamin C (mg)30
Copper (mg)
Vitamin E (T) (mg)
Iodine (mg)


(Note: In view of the amazing content of okra vitamin A, 2 grams of okra tender pod extract has met the needs of the human body on that day, and according to medical data, children's one-time intake exceeds 20 times (100 times for adults), it will cause acute poisoning, Symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and dizziness appear, so it is recommended that long-term use should not exceed 2 grams per day, and temporary consumption should not exceed 20 grams on the day.)

2. Okra  Extract Nutrition Claim:

Okra extract is rich in pectin and dietary fiber. The viscous state of pectin is very rare in the plant kingdom. The proportion of dietary fiber and the proportion of soluble dietary fiber in it are very high in plants.

Okra extract is rich in vitamin A, carotene, vitamin C, E, etc., especially the vitamin A and carotene content in the current discovery of the proportion of plants ranked first.

The Okra extract also contains various trace elements such as selenium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium, but the content is not particularly rich.

In addition to rich pectin, the okra seed pod extract is rich in substances that are currently referred to by some scientists as LM (a substance similar to natural hormones). If this allegation is widely recognized by the industry, it is currently the only species that is known for its name.

According to relevant experts, the extract of the yellow okra pod is rich in plant flavonoids, but less than the flowers (the content of the okra flower is about 300 times higher than the flavonoids contained in the soybean leaves.)

The anti-fatigue effects of ginseng and okra were compared: including endurance test, hypoxia test, cold-tolerant heat-resistance test and blood lactate level after strenuous exercise. The experimental results show that the okra has the same endurance effect as the equivalent ginseng, and the effect of the anoxic-resistant item okra is twice as large as that of the ginseng. The effect of cold resistance is lower than that of ginseng, but on the contrary it is the advantage of a lot of tonic.

3. The characteristics of the nutrient function of the yellow Okra extract

Okra, a succulent substance rich in extracts from the ovum pod extract (mainly containing a substance similar to natural hormones), can strengthen the kidney and complement the body, and has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on male organic diseases. For young adults and athletes, often Edible, can eliminate fatigue, quickly restore physical strength, of course, this has the effect on all people.

At the same time, the mucus of the autumn pod extract can help the gastrointestinal motility, the secreted mucin has the function of protecting the stomach wall, promote the secretion of gastric juice, improve appetite, improve indigestion, lower cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular disease, chronic stomach disease. And the "three high" people eat the most appropriate.

Okra extract rich in vitamin A and carotene is good for retinal health and maintains vision. It is a good food for teenagers to prevent myopia.

The okra is rich in soluble dietary fiber and vitamin C, which not only has a health-care effect on the skin, but also makes the skin

Whitening and tender. Dietary fiber can also easily take away the garbage in the human body, which is a great nutrition and weight loss material.

The rich plant flavonoids in the autumn pod extract of Okra combine with various nutrients to promote the body's all-round self-conditioning, thus ensuring endocrine balance, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, endurance, and blood circulation.

4 .Overview of the yellow Okra extract:

TheOkra extract is a collection of non-nutritive elements such as fiber, lignin, and water. It greatly enhances the proportion of nutrients in the original tender pods, making it more suitable for people in need. Tonic, and more convenient for consumers to eat through further processing.

Okra extract can be applied to prostatitis, male sexual function, gastritis, endocrine disorders, premature aging, fatigue, stomach ulcers, anemia, indigestion, constipation, bad breath, getting sick, etc. Adults, athletes, skin care and weight loss ladies, men, and non-smokers are more likely to eat;

However, okra belongs to the cold, cold, gastrointestinal cold or dysfunction, people who often have diarrhea can not eat more, fasting during pregnancy.

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