About nervous acid

Jun 27, 2016

About nervous acid(1):

1>nervous acid was first discovered in mammalian nerve tissue, nerve tissue is an important component of the biofilm, is a sign of brain glycosides in the medulla of ingredients.

2>nervous acid is recognized by scientists from various countries of the world's first and only clear the damaged brain can repair pathways - nerve fibers and nerve cells to promote regeneration of double-effect magic material. acid is a brain nerve fibers and nerve cells of the core natural ingredients.

3>the lack of acid will cause nerve stroke complications, alzheimer's, cerebral palsy, cerebral atrophy, memory loss, insomnia,forgetfulness and other brain diseases. the body's own nervous and very difficult to generate acid, can only rely on in vitro acid intake to supplement the nerve to pass through the blood-brain barrier integrity, directly on the nerve fibers to repair and clear, so that damage, loss of protection sheath regeneration of dissolved blocking channels necrotic tissue, the self-induced nerve fiber growth and division, the nerve cells that produce information and outside information can be smoothly passed through the nerve fibers, to order flow, in order to activate the damage, lesions and dormant nerve cells, remodeling neural network, to restore the patient in language, memory, feeling or physical aspects of some or all of the features to achieve complete recovery of encephalopathy

About nervous acid(2):

1>nerve acid was first discovered in the brain of sharks, also known as shark acid. acid is a natural component of the nervous fibers major brain and nerve cells, no neurological complications acid will cause a stroke, alzheimer's disease, cerebral palsy, brain atrophy, memory loss, insomnia, forgetfulness and other diseases of the brain, the body's own nerve difficult to generate acid in vitro uptake rely on the complement.

2>across the blood brain barrier intact neural acid may send effect on the nerve fibers for repair and clear, so that damage, loss of a protective sheath regeneration dissolve necrotic tissue debris channel, self-induced nerve fiber growth and division, so that the resulting nerve cell information and extrinsic information may transmitted through nerve fibers to achieve a flow of commands to activate the damaged nerve cells and dormant lesion restructuring of neural networks, recovered in language, memory, emotions, and other aspects of the physical part of the patient or all functions for complete rehabilitation encephalopathy.

3>acid brain nerve fibers (white solid) and neural cells (gray matter) the natural base ingredients. regulate the function of brain cells, improve data connection between brain cells, enhance the role of calcium ions, improve thinking ability, increased memory.

4>scientists believe that if the consumption of certain nerve acid during pregnancy or infancy, can significantly accelerate the development of the brain, improve memory newborns, infants and children. indian scientists to prove that children are dying of malnutrition and hunger, and his brain and cerebellum nerve acid content of less than normal children.

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