Acer truncatum Seed Oil

Jun 24, 2016

About acer truncatum seed oil(1):

1>acer truncatum seed oil, a new resource food, are vegetable oils from china's endemic species of acer truncatum seed processing.

2>acer truncatum seed oil discovered an amazing substance nerve acid. it ia a double effect magical substance that can dredge repair damaged nerve fibers in the brain pathways and induce neuronal regeneration.

3>the total fatty acids of acer truncatum seed oil up to 90%, rich in nerve acid about 5% -7%. acer truncatum has become an important new resources of the development of nervonic acid, and it will fill the gap of nervonic acid market.

About acer truncatum seed oil(2):

1>this product comprises a composition of fatty acids, mainly oleic acid, linoleic acid, nerves, linolenic acid and other components. the total content of unsaturated fatty acids of more than 80%, in which the body must be higher than 53% fatty acid content, the composition ratio of saturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids 1:02:02, the fatty acid composition of natural balance. essential fatty acids can not be synthesized in the body, it can contribute to the metabolism of lipids and cholesterol, and synthetic prostaglandin precursors, but also protects the skin from damaging the x-ray radiation.

2>this product contains natural fat-soluble vitamins a, b, e, particularly natural vitamins e about 125mg/100g. ve due to the natural right (d) type, 30% higher activity than synthetic ve, it is very important for human health.

main function 

health benefits of acer truncatum seed oil:

1>acer truncatum seed oil can regulate the immune system

2>acer truncatum seed oil may fight cancer

3>acer truncatum seed oil antioxidant

4>acer truncatum seed oil can increase nk cell activity, improve the 

dual role of 5.cellular immunity and humoral immunity and enhance immunity.


memory loss, alzheimer's, stroke, parkinson's (parkinson), brain ischemia, hypoxia and brain atrophy, epilepsy, depression, anxiety, insomnia, cerebral palsy, peripheral facial paralysis, sciatica, trigeminal neuralgia, multiple sclerosis, guillain-barre syndrome.

flow chart:

raw materials acer truncatum →clean → sort out the stones→magnetic separation 

→take off  pod →grading →take off shell →winnowing →color sorting →clean 

kernel →cold pressing →filtration →refined filtration →petroleum products

technical scheme:

(1)clean and take off shell:

first, for the clean and take off  shell process, using precleaner do the preliminary clean for the raw material, and using special stoning machine sort out the stones, make the impurity content below 0.5%; second, using special equipment take off pod and do grading and take off shell, ensure the decorticating rate of raw material greater than 90%; third, using advanced ccd color selector, obtain the 100% clean、

no mildew kernel of acer truncatum.

(2)cold pressing: 

for the cold pressing process, using modulator do the damp and hot dispose, modulate the moisture content to 8%-10%, this moisture content is suitable for entering squeeze, use spiral cold squeeze machine, ensure squeeze temperature below 70℃, protein can’t degeneration in this temperature. residual oil rate of the cake below 12%, oil extraction rate will be high. crude oil pass filtration process in low temperature(18℃), and refined filtration process, finally obtain cold squeeze petroleum products.

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