Feverfew Extract Powder

Feverfew Extract Powder


Latin name: Chrysanthemum parthenium
Main ingredient: Parthenolide
Specification: 0.3%-0.8% Parthenolide
Test Method: HPLC
Parts used: flowers
Color: yellow-brown fine powder
Mesh: 100% 80 mesh
Odor: special smell
Storage method: sealed, protected from light, and stored in a cool and dry place.
Shelf life: In the case of meeting the storage requirements, the shelf life is 2 years.






Parthenolide is the main functional ingredient of Feverfew Extract Powder. It is a substance that can relieve pain and reduce inflammation. The reason why the extract can improve migraine is also Parthenolide. It can inhibit the production of brain serum. Serotonin tightens blood vessels and releases chemicals that cause headaches. And, as its name Feverfew puts it, it can help improve symptoms such as fever and colds.

Feverfew Extract Powder

Jintai's Feverfew Extract Powder is strictly controlled in accordance with the production process and perfect quality standards. We can also provide you with product quality inspection and appraisal reports. We can guarantee the controllability of product quality and the stability of mass production. All products are available in stock.

Health Benefits

1. Feverfew extract helps to improve migraine and accompanying nausea and visual disturbance;

2. Feverfew flower extract can slow down the production of inflammatory compounds;

3. It can be used to expel wind and treat flatulence.

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