Yoga Exercise,each Of Us Must Have A Healthy Lifestyle

Sep 28, 2018

Yoga originated from ancient India and is one of the six major philosophical factions of ancient India. It explores the truth and method of "Vatican and I are one." What modern people call yoga is mainly a series of self-cultivation methods. Yoga is a system that helps people reach their full potential by raising awareness. Yoga poses use ancient and easy-to-follow techniques to improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual abilities. This is a way to achieve harmony between body, mind and spirit. Ancient Indians believed that people could be with heaven. They practice different ways of yoga practice in their daily lives: morality, self-forgetting movement, stable thinking, religious responsibility, meditation, and the essence and creation of the universe.

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In the early morning, the company's two leaders brought health yoga performances to everyone. Xu General Manager said that our company is leading the health, each of us must have a healthy lifestyle, modern life is fast, competition is fierce, and the pressure is greater. Of course, moderate pressure is also necessary, because stress can stimulate interest, invigorate the spirit, and make people energetic. However, if this pressure exceeds the limit we can withstand, the body will feel nervous and uncomfortable, self-immune, physical exhaustion, and sometimes psychological frustration, muscle tension (which can cause spinal pain), fatigue, Shortness of breath and even confusion. Yoga includes stretching, strength, endurance and exercises to strengthen the heart and lungs, promote physical health, coordinate the functions of the entire body, learn how to make the body work healthier and increase the vitality of the body. In addition, cultivating a state of spiritual harmony and emotional stability also guides you to improve your physical, emotional, psychological, and mental state, to balance your body and maintain health.

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