Win-Win Co-operation,Shaanxi Jintai And Xi'an Somy Formulates The Strategic Goal

Aug 14, 2018

Win-Win Co-operation,Shaanxi Jintai and Xi'an Somy Formulates the Strategic Goal

On the afternoon of August 13, 2018, our company and Xi'an Somy carried out the SEO optimization launching ceremony of Jintai & Somy Foreign Trade Express. General Manager Mrs.Xu of our company and General Manager Mr.Jia of Xi'an Somy jointly served as the starting guests of the launching ceremony. All the employees of the company's sales department and the sales representatives and technical representatives of Somy participated in the launching ceremony together to witness this simple but far-reaching moment of growth.

shaanxi Jintai Biological1.png

As General Manager Mr.Jia of Xi'an Somy at the launching ceremony said, for enterprises, this is a “opportunity cost” investment that needs to be put into efforts to cultivate potential employees. Somy provides a one-week training for our company's operators and wish the Jintai become the best company in the industry. Subsequently, the personnel of both parties carried out work docking and signed relevant agreements. In the end, General Manager Mrs.Xu summed up. The launching ceremony will play an active role in promoting the joint efforts of both enterprises and creating brilliance, It indicates another new beginning of cooperation.

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