What Do We Do During The Day Beginning Of Winter ?

Nov 09, 2018

November 7 is the beginning of winter, one of the 24 solar terms in the lunar calendar. It is a traditional Chinese festival. After this day, the sunshine time will continue to shorten, and the altitude of the noonday sun will continue to decrease. Chinese folks regard “Lidong ”as the beginning of winter.

What do we do during the day beginning of Winter ?

In the farming society, people have been working for a year, so people need to rest on the day of the beginning of winter, and people will be rewarded for their hard work of the family. Winter swimming enthusiasts greet the arrival of winter by winter swimming . In the south of China, people in the day beginning of winter love to eat chicken, duck and fish. In the north of China, people in the day beginning of winter love to eat dumplings.


Why do people eat dumplings during the day beginning of Winter?

1. At the time of the “Jiaozi”, the dumplings came from the saying "the time of the Jiaozi". The New Year's Eve replace the old year . The winter replace the autumn. Therefore, the dumplings at the time of "Jiaozi" must be eaten, because it means new things will replace old things.

2. Commemorating the "holy doctor" Zhang Zhongjing. Zhang Zhongjing resigned and returned to his hometown to treat the frostbite for the folks. He cut up the herb which can fending off the cold and mix the herb with noodles, wrapped into the shape of the ear "Jiao’er" to share with people. Later generations learn to make the food called "dumplings." Zhang Zhongjing died on the day of “Lidong”, in order to commemorate him, from then on, people eat dumplings on this day.

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