The Superiority And Restrictions Of Plant Extract Field Development

Nov 26, 2019

The superiority and restrictions of plant extract field development

Plant extract is a product formed by taking plants as raw materials, through the process of physical and chemical extraction and separation, and by directional acquisition and concentration of one or more active components in plants without changing the structure of their active components. Plant extract industry is a new industry developed in the past 20 years, which has been widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, agriculture and other fields. Although it is not a long time, it has a rapid development momentum. The development and application of plant extract has become an important strategic measure for enterprises to improve their competitiveness.


The concepts of green consumption and returning to nature have become the consumption fashion. The natural properties of plant extracts meet the needs of consumers and are conducive to the construction of a sustainable ecological market. Plant extract is the middle link of the whole industrial chain. The upstream connects agricultural planting and the downstream undertakes product development and application. Its product line has high variability, with distinct levels of cost and technical input.

The strong demand of the market drives the rapid development of the industry, but there are still many problems to be solved.

First, there are regulatory restrictions. Different countries have different requirements for plant extracts and different products are used. For example, dietary supplements are mainly used in North America. In Europe, health products and plant medicines are the main products. In China, traditional Chinese medicine and food additives are mainly used. The difference of use directly affects the applicability of raw material types, and only the category that meets the requirements can enter the market, with more restrictions.

It's true that the plant extract industry still has a lot of limitations, but there's no denying that plant extract is an unstoppable "star of the future."

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