Shaanxi Jintai Biological Goji Planting Base Will Have The Harvest Seaon For Picking

Aug 23, 2019

Every year from mid-August to the end of November, it is the picking season of Qinghai Goji berry. Qinghai Goji berry is famous for its full granules, bright colors, sweet taste and remarkable effect.

Shaanxi Jintai Bio-Qinghai Dulan County Goji berry planting base was established in July 2016. As of July 2019, the planting scale has reached 450,000 mu, and 1,000 tons can be supplied to the market every year. The main planting varieties are Ningqi No. 7 and Ningqi No. 9.

Our Goji berry basically conform to the organic standards and have passed the relevant national certification. The quality of our products is the first line of defense we have strictly investigated!

Shaanxi Jintai Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the purification and processing of effective components of plants. Our company not only has a large production base, but also has the most professional factories, which can process raw materials and present them in various forms. To the consumer. In the new year of 2019, we have launched a total of seven categories of products, each with its own characteristics, the specific categories are shown in the table below.




The vitamin C content of fresh fruit is 40 times that of apple, 28 times that of pear, and 6 times that of fresh peach. The vitamin C content is higher than that of oranges, the beta-carotene content is higher than that of carrots, and the iron content is higher than that of steak. 

Remarks: Fresh fruit needs cold chain transportation, low temperature storage, storage period is about 20 days.

The dried fruit is obtained by repeatedly drying the freshly picked Goji berry by drying, drying, etc., and finally allowing the medlar to reach a state of dry fruit that is conducive to preservation.

The dried fruit can be stored at room temperature, and the shelf life is more than one year. It can be used for tea and soup at any time.

The Freeze dried Goji berry is made by the current advanced freeze-drying technology, which maintains the shape, color and nutrition of the original cockroach, and removes excess water and impurities to a great extent, and fully displays the essence of the Goji berry.

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