Give Gifts, Give Health

Jul 01, 2020

Give gifts, Give health



Mother's Day is coming, most of us will go home for the holiday, visit our mothers and choose a suitable gift. But it really takes a lot of thought to choose the best gift! Send flowers, send cosmetics? I wonder if there is a gift for mothers all over the world. Then I thought it is better to send fish collagen peptide than flower or cosmetics.

1. Our fish collagen peptide have effect on water lock and water storage: The long-acting oligopeptide collagen LOC elastic net three-dimensional water lock system will release a large number of water lock groups in a three-dimensional manner for 12 hours and firmly lock the water supplied in the body to form a "dermal reservoir".

2. Anti-wrinkle and aging: collagen repairs and breaks the aging elastic fiber net, reorganizes skin tissue structure and stretches wrinkles; in addition, it also clears free radicals in the body and anti-oxidation slows down skin aging.

3. Smoothing fine lines and eliminating red blood streak: Collagen can quickly fill the collapsed tissue after entering the dermis layer, tighten the skin, enhance the elasticity, smooth the fine lines to prevent and eliminate red blood streak.

4. Light spots and freckles: Collagen can make the cells more tightly connected, speed up the metabolism rate, promote the peeling of dead skin, prevent the deposition of melanin, make the skin white and light spots.

5. Whitening and beautiful skin: Collagen can inhibit the production of melanin and prevent the deposition of melanin to achieve the purpose of whitening.


Love mother, send her fish collagen peptide!

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