French Intern Internship Tour Begins

May 24, 2019

As the previous years, in June, we accepted the French interns come to our company to start one to two month internship, we picked them up in Xi'an Xianyang International Airport in Friday Morning. They start their internship life from this week.

Why the French interns come to our company in every year? that’s because we establish the long term cooperation with one of French colleges. Every year, the student in Diplomacy & International Commerce from this school will come to our company to do the working practise. They usually have one or two month internship time, during this time, we will arrange their working affairs, to let them learn more working skills and specialized knowledge.

This internship is not just a working practise for them, it’s also a chance for both part to a learn the different cultural. And it’s also a change to practise our spoken English. In the meantime, when we communicate with each other,  we can know about the different viewpoint and the way of thinking from other cultural background, it’s also a good chance for us to know culture.

Hope their internship will be a pleasure experience, and hope they will harvest a lot to benefit to their future work. 

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