Feedback From A Baker,praise To Jujube Powder

Aug 10, 2016

I'd like to share a story of one of our client.

The story begun on Dec.2015.I just into my office and the phone rang.

"Can you provide me some Jujube powder?"

    "Yes. Of course. How many would you like to buy?"

"About 5kgs. Because I'd like to try a new kind of bread."

    "Yeah, I know"

"Can you introduce the main funcation of it?"

    "Red dates extract  contains more cyclic adenosinemonophosphate, the body's cellular energy metabolism in essential componentsthat enhance strength and eliminate fatigue, dilation of blood vessels,increasing myocardial contractility, improving myocardial nutrition,preventionand treatment of cardiovascular disease have a good effect; Chinese medicinetheory holds that red dates with tonic Qi, nourishing and soothe the nerves,such as the role of the spleen and stomach are the spleen and stomach weakness,lack of qi and blood, fatigue weakness, insomnia, dreams and so many patientswith good health care nutrition."

"OK. Waiting for your product."

    Then it goes on and nothing happens.

    Then on April. 2016, she send us a new order 20kgs.

    Good news came to my mailbox today.Good quality is a basis of  cooperation.

             We're waiting for your  cooperation! ! !

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